All kiln dried treated timber, treated with Impra®acq, will carry a 15 year warranty for structural failure due to fungal decay and insect attack, provided the following conditions are complied with:

  1. Only treated timber in their final dimensions.
  2. Treated wood must never been sawn or re-profiled in any way along its length.
  3. All surfaces exposed by drilling, notching or cross cutting should be re-treated with an approved cut end preservative.
  4. If cementing in posts, a water trap must not be created. Water must be allowed to drain.

To Claim:

  1. Produce the original invoice/delivery note.
  2. You must prove that the timber bears the original identification mark (Burn or End Tag).
  3. All claims must be within one month of fungal or insect damage.
  4. Ellis Timber or its appointed agents must be granted full access, and able to test and remove any timber. The structure must not be disturbed before inspection. Failure to allow full access or disturbance of the structure before inspection will invalidate the claim.
  5. All faulty wood must be returned to Ellis Timber before the claim is settled.


  1. Faults other than fungal or insect attack: damage, wear and tear, swelling, shrinking, twisting, warping etc.
  2. Changes in appearance.
  3. Immersion in salt water, structural buildings, telegraph poles, retaining walls, agricultural buildings, menage etc.


The liability cost only of the structurally unfit wood (which does not include any other wood or structure of which the defective wood is or attached to, nor the cost of removal or disposal of the defective wood or transport or installation or replacement costs).

*Full details of our warranty is available at Ellis Timber's head office.