Stock Fence HT

Stock Fence HT - HT8/80/15 (6

Stock Fence HT - HT8/80/15 (6")

High Tensile HT8/80/15 is the high tensile equivalent to C8/80/15. This fence is the most popular hi..

Prices from: £141.59 Ex Tax: £117.99

Stock Fence HT LHT8/80/15 (6

Stock Fence HT LHT8/80/15 (6") 100m

LHT8/80/15 is the lightweight high tensile alternative to HT8/80/15. It is mostly used in areas of l..

Prices from: £101.46 Ex Tax: £84.55

Stock Fence Uniwire C6/90/30 (12

Stock Fence Uniwire C6/90/30 (12") 36" High 50M

C6/90/30 is a taller stock fence used in areas of low pressure and with the need for a taller option..

Prices from: £51.76 Ex Tax: £43.13

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